Bridgemans Services Group (BSG) was created by a consortium of Canadian entrepreneurs with over six decades of combined experience leading complex mission-critical marine projects and operations in a wide range of industries on four continents.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, BSG began by filling an important niche in the global resource industry by providing full-service workforce accommodations vessels that offer extraordinarily high standards of accommodations and food services as a means of assisting resource companies to attract and retain workforces in remote regions.

The company’s decision to initially specialize in floating accommodations, or “Floatels,” was based upon the observation that water-born facilities – either barges or ships – can be swiftly moved in and out of regions with few permits required to operationalize and no environmental footprint left behind after decommissioning. As such, they offer a remarkably efficient and cost-effective alternative to land-based camps.

Since that time, BSG has expanded it’s offering to include marine transport solutions anywhere in the world. From ROPAX cargo vessels to fully equipped survey vessels, Bridgemans has the fully integrated solution for any project.