One of the keys to retaining skilled workers and ensuring optimal productivity is providing a relaxing and enjoyable environment that includes premium-level food and hotel services. We entrust these service challenges to the experts of Bridgemans Remote Catering Services International (BRCSI), a subsidiary company with almost 30 years of experience delivering resort-inspired service to some of the most remote locations of British Columbia, Canada. In addition to providing all aspects of catering solutions, Bridgemans RCSI also offers Guest Services and Maintenance Services.

BRCSIā€™s executive chefs and catering managers offer frequently changing menus, fresh ingredients and a wide range of satisfying and nutritious meals to meet varying dietary and cultural needs. The result is that off-work hours represent enjoyable and restorative respites that are invaluable to companies seeking to retain skilled workers in remote locations and maximize their productivity.

Superb food contributes to employee retention. With over a quarter of a century of experience, we have learned a few things about preparing and serving superb fare in remote regions:

  • cultural and dietary restrictions (including food allergies)
  • designing creative menus that offer satisfying choices
  • fresh food supplies and premium ingredients
  • Grab & Go lunch counters featuring hot and cold offerings
  • dining areas with tasteful settings and a banquet atmosphere
  • social interactivity during mealtimes
  • food service options and menus are entirely customizable