Maintenance Services

At Bridgemans Services Group, maintenance of our vessels and safety of our crew and guests are an uncompromised priority. In addition to mandatory maintenance services, Bridgemans offers the following maintenance services.

Security Office

The security office has full circuit CCTV for the ship and corridors.


Water will be treated using UV filter treatment and will be dispersed from holding tanks.

Sewage and Waste Management

Bridgemans has the capacity and is able to include all sewage and waste management requirements.

Location and Moorage Requirements

The facility will require shore services in an effort to operate effectively. Electricity, black/gray water, and fresh water plans will need to be established. Bridgemans will work to develop an efficient and proper moorage and access plan.


Bridgemans will work with all national, regional and local authorities to meet all operating standards and obtain all necessary permits


Shore power or ship generators will be required to run the ship.

*Available Maintenance Services are specific to each vessel.