Marine Transport

As part of the Bridgemans commitment to offering fully integrated solutions, our Marine Transport division fulfills a variety of client requirements at any location.

Passenger Vessels
Passenger transport vessels perform an essential service for clients requiring quick, safe and reliable shuttling between land and/or floating assets. All stages of transport—from embarkation, to safety orientation, voyage and arrival—are performed with the utmost degree of professionalism and attention to client safety. With 24-hour, on-call passenger transport, we get clients where they need, when they need it.

With the recent addition of the Haisla Northwind, Bridgemans has enlisted an exceptional workboat with the versatility to take on diverse areas of work. This fully-equipped vessel specializes in anchor handling, crane operations, fuel bunkering, line handling, towing, and cargo stowage. From dredging support, platform supply duties, port operations, or marine construction projects, the Haisla Northwind can play an invaluable role. As the first of its kind in B.C., Bridgemans is excited to demonstrate its capabilities on current and future contracts.

Survey Vessels
Environmental research and marine surveying is an industry that Bridgemans is proud to facilitate for clients requiring fully-equipped, 24-hour research vessels. Our work helps researchers understand the marine environment, the impacts of industrial activity, and the control measures needed to keep our oceans and communities safe. All vessels have proven adaptable for a variety of purposes, offering flexibility and ease of mobilization that few other companies can rival.