Bridgemans Acquires Water-born Accommodations Platforms

Bridgemans of Vancouver, BC, a supplier of luxury water-born accommodations and food services for industrial workforces, announces that it has acquired Spirit of the Nation, a 300-foot former British Columbia ferry, and a 165-foot non-motorized industrial barge to add to its foundation of water-born accommodation vessels. The company plans to convert both into Floatel accommodations vessels and make both available to resource companies and suppliers operating in remote regions.

Currently at anchor in North Vancouver, The Spirit of the Nation will undergo a minor refit prior to being made available for service in the fall. Meanwhile, plans have been approved for the construction of a 400-guest floatel aboard the barge using pre-assembled modular components.
“This brings another 500 rooms of single-occupancy capacity into our inventory,” said Brian Grange, president of Bridgemans. “The construction project on the barge will enable us to demonstrate our ability to construct customizable accommodations facilities from the platform up, and do it in a matter of weeks.”

Bridgemans recently converted a 171-metre (555-foot) Baltic Sea cruise ferry into a full-service accommodations vessel that is currently providing services for 450 construction workers in Kitimat, BC.
The 11-deck ship, Bridgemans Silja Festival, feature 600 single-guest rooms with private ensuites, a 378-seat dining room, a lunch room, three lounges, meeting rooms, dry room, first aid room, exercise facilities, theatre, laundry and accommodations for 100 crew members.

About Bridgemans
Bridgemans specializes in providing premium-level accommodations, catering, logistics and crew transfers for industrial workforces in remote regions throughout the world. In response to mission-critical needs of companies to attract and retain skilled workers, Bridgemans offers turnkey solutions that optimize client investments and ensure the safety and extreme comfort of workforce populations at any location on any continent.

For more information, please contact:
Courtney Hatfield
Business Manager, Bridgemans Services Group