Bridgemans and RCSI Partner to Offer Premium Workforce Accommodations

Bridgemans is pleased to announce that Remote Catering Services International (RCSI) of Richmond, BC has agreed to join forces to provide premium level Hotel Management and Guest Operations services aboard all Bridgemans Floatels.

Bridgemans president Brian Grange states that RCSI was selected not just on the basis of 25 years of highly regarded industry experience, but also a clear willingness to partner with BSL to create extraordinary workforce accommodations solutions far beyond conventional standards.

“Our strategy is quite simple; we are focused on offering much higher standards of food, service and accommodations than is currently available in the marketplace,” said Brian Grange, president of Bridgemans. “Fortunately there are some very skilled and committed people within RCSI who are exactly like us in that they want to do things that haven’t been done before.”

RCSI will initiate its services aboard Silja Festival, a 171-metre (555-foot) Baltic Sea cruise ferry that Bridgemans plans to refit and convert into a luxurious full-service accommodations vessel for industrial workforces.

About Remote Catering Services International
Since 1990, Remote Catering Services International (RCSI) has been providing premium-level hotel management and catering services for owners and operators of workforce accommodations facilities in remote locations of northern British Columbia. Understanding the need to attract and retain skilled workers, we work with each client to customize a turn-key solution that ensures an extraordinarily safe and comfortable living environment for valuable employees, optimizes related expenditures, and simplifies the operation of superior full-service accommodation facilities.

About Bridgemans
Bridgemans specializes in providing premium-level accommodations, catering, logistics and crew transfers for industrial workforces in remote regions throughout the world. In response to mission-critical needs of companies to attract and retain skilled workers, Bridgemans offers turnkey solutions that optimize client investments and ensure the safety and extreme comfort of workforce populations at any location on any continent.

For more information, please contact:
Courtney Hatfield
Business Manager, Bridgemans Services Group