Logistics and Crew Transfers

One of the most challenging aspects of operating in remote regions is ensuring secure and uninterrupted logistics systems and crew transfers. These include the procurement and delivery of material, equipment, supplies, fuel and fresh food products; making provisions for environmentally friendly waste disposal, as well as safe and reliable transportation of crews to and from job sites and scheduled rotations for workforces.

Having developed robust processes to meet past operational requirements and staff members, we are able to provide seamless and streamlined services to clients who face identical challenges in moving people and supplies in and out of remote areas in which they operate.

Our highly specialized logistics managers bring many years of experience in optimizing supply chain efficiency and utilizing well planned combinations of air, land and water-born transportation systems. Most important of all, we will work with client project managers to customize solutions that ensure cost-effective service in accordance with their exact needs and locations.

Through the course of providing premium level accommodations and catering solutions in various parts of the world, we have acquired extensive expertise in key operational areas of supply chain logistics and crew transportation.