Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 2022 Bridgemans Services Group has added a 40-metre floatel support vessel to its growing fleet of service support vessels. 

Bridgemans service support vessels – including multipurpose workboat tugs, personnel transfer vessels, environmental survey vessels, cargo and passenger ferries, and floatel support vessels – offer marine certified crew to industrial clients on the BC coast and around the world. 

“Over the past five years, the Bridgemans Marine Services fleet has continued to expand with new vessels that meet the needs of clients across the full spectrum of the marine industry, including in emerging and growing sectors such as offshore floatels for onshore industrial projects,” said Brian Grange, President of Bridgemans Marine Services. “Our newest vessel offers the ability to transfer cargo and up to 50 people, ensuring it can service even the largest floatels currently in operation.”

The Bridgemans Marine Services fleet can support any number of marine projects, from dredging support, emergency support and marine construction to reliable and safe personnel transfer, environmental research, and cargo and passenger ferry services. 

Bridgemans Marine Services offers clients everything they need to operate safely, with certified vessels, trained crew, experienced captains, and 24/7 support. 

Read more about Bridgemans’ Marine Services here.