Who We Are

Our Story

When our founders launched Bridgemans 10 years ago, they recognized that three forces would shape development of the resource, infrastructure and renewable energy sectors in the decades to come – safety, sustainability, and speed to market.

At the time, large projects were challenged by the need to quickly find quality accommodation for upwards of a thousand workers on land that was often remote, already built out, or in urban or environmentally sensitive areas.

For innovative entrepreneurs that were passionate about the sea and often visited fly-in, fly-out locations themselves, the answer was obvious – a one-stop, turnkey ‘floatel’ provider offering premium accommodation, dining, and recreation for valued workforces.

The concept immediately gained traction with some of the world’s leading LNG, mining, infrastructure and renewables projects. All vessels were made available on time and on budget with little impact on land and local stakeholders. And all included Bridgemans steadfast commitment to safety, sustainability and Clean Oceans.

Over time, Bridgemans added marine support services and boutique construction services, providing clients with fully turnkey solutions for their global projects.

Today, Bridgemans has a proven track record in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, Australia and the Caribbean as the world’s premier provider of floatel and related services through its three integrated divisions – Floatels, Marine Services, and Marine Construction.

“I am so grateful to our team members, clients and communities. Together, we have innovated and grown a thriving global business in just 10 short years and created an inclusive culture that allows everyone to be themselves, learn, and contribute to the best of their ability. I am confident that we have developed a strong, sustainable foundation for growth that has set us apart and set us up to succeed in coming decades.”

Brian Grange, President
Bridgemans Services Group

5 crew in front of ship