Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 2023 – Bridgemans has contracted ER Yacht Design and its award-winning president, Ivan Erdevicki, to design and oversee the manufacturing of a 44-foot vessel intended for search and rescue, piloting, firefighting, and emergency spill response. 

“We are very excited to design and bring this unique vessel to life over the next year,” said Mr. Erdevicki, President of Vancouver-based ER Yacht Design. “This vessel brings together best-in-class features and incorporates everything we have learned in decades of designing and building search and rescue, piloting, spill response and firefighting vessels. It will be comfortable, capable, and reliable, and purpose-built to work and serve in demanding and unpredictable West Coast waters. When launched in 2024, the Bridgemans vessel will set a new standard in Canadian marine services.” 

 The new vessel will serve as a pilot boat that can push or pull other vessels and help ships navigate coastal waters. It offers firefighting capabilities such as large capacity fire guns on the bow and stern. And its search and rescue capabilities include an open deck, transom and side doors that provide ready and safe access to ocean waters for recovery, and benches that securely support stretchers and enable medical assistance. It is also equipped for emergency response, offering forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras to improve vision at night and through light fog and smoke along with acoustics systems to support marine monitoring activities. 

 The vessel will reach speeds of 41.5 knots and cruise in a range of 32 to 34 knots depending on sea state and the environment it is operating in. In addition, it will be powered by powerful twin 550-horsepower jet drives. As an aluminum vessel with a rugged hull that can withstand the impacts of logs and debris, it can be driven onto a beach.  

 An experienced Bridgemans crew, consisting of two shifts per day, will staff the boat 24/7.  

 “This unique and versatile vessel underscores Bridgemans commitment to providing the best in marine services, crews and support vessels for clients working on Canada’s West Coast and in maritime markets around the world,” said Brian Grange, President, Bridgemans. “We are excited to bring this new vessel and its extensive capabilities to the market, and we look forward to unveiling it next year.” 

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