Richmond, BC, Canada, May 2022 – Bridgemans is committed to sustainable development throughout our Floatel and Marine Service operations. We strive to eliminate potential harmful effects of our work when implementing marine based solutions for our clients.

Our oceans are facing numerous critical challenges, such as acidification, plastic waste, and accumulation of harmful chemicals. As a marine company, the oceans are our primary resource, therefore our sustainability initiatives are crucial to us, and our operations should have minimal impact on the environment, both on land and sea.

Continual improvement in environmental performance will be achieved by setting objectives, measuring progress, and communicating results. To deliver sustainable development, we have implemented our Clean Oceans program which encompasses our Environmental Commitments:

Sustainable Floatels
Bridgemans’ floatels enable our clients to minimize their environmental footprint in comparison to land-based camps. Deforestation for road construction is eliminated as workforce floatels are quickly mobilized into place and removed as demands change. Our floatels are fully contained environments, having less impact on all necessary support systems of a land-based camp. When the time comes for demobilization, the floatels can be quickly removed without any impact to the land or surrounding area. Our sustainable work methods and innovations onboard include:

+  State-of-the-art sewage treatment systems

+  Smart power solutions include connecting directly to the grid with horsepower and innovative systems such as solar power  being incorporated into our engineering plans

+  Vacuum flush toilets utilizing less water

+  High efficiency washer and dryers with grey water diverted directly into our treatment plants

+  Lighting plans to maximize energy efficiency



Water Purification
Water is vital to shipboard operations. 90% of our water is produced onboard through a state-of-the-art water purification system.

Fresh water onboard our floatels is filtered using an Ultraviolet water purification system. UV is one of the most effective forms of water treatment as it destroys the DNA of bacteria before reaching your glass, leaving clean, pure drinking water.

Water in the tank receives powerful doses of UV, breaking down bacteria and leaving behind pure water, 99.999% free of viruses, including COVID-19.UV is much kinder to the environment compared to alternative purification methods. It uses low amounts of electricity to operate, requires no chemicals such as chlorine disinfection and has no harmful by-products.


Eliminate Single Use Plastics
Over eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. That is the equivalent of a garbage truck emptying plastic into the ocean every single minute. Eliminating single use plastics is the pillar of our Clean Oceans program. In the first quarter of 2022 we have:


+  Eliminated over 120,000 single use plastic water bottles by providing reusable water bottles and water refill stations

+  Eliminated 110,000 disposable containers by providing reusable food containers and reusable cooler bags in our Grab & Go lunch program

+  Replaced disposable plastic cutlery with recyclable wood utensils




Garbage Management Plans
Bridgemans’ comprehensive waste management plans are customized to each project, taking into account vessel location, local environmental regulations and existing programs. In the first four months of our recent floatel project, we eliminated the use of 6,000 cardboard boxes by arranging to have our fresh foods delivered in reusable crates.


Crew Training
Bridgemans conducts environmental awareness training for all crew members, ensuring our team is educated in both the client, and local government policies of the regions in which we operate. We will respond to the environmental challenges in all areas of our business, and it is the responsibility of every crew member to implement these initiatives.





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