Richmond, BC, Canada, October 2022 – We are pleased to announce Bridgemans Marine Transport is officially a contractor of Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC). As an experienced marine contractor, Bridgemans will assist WCMRC by providing equipment, personnel, and logistical support services, as required, in the course of providing Marine Spill Response Services. Bridgemans Marine Transport crew completed WCMRC’s Initial Responder Training course in Kitimat involving both classroom and in-field training.

Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) is the only Transport Canada-certified marine response organization on Canada’s West Coast. Their geographic area of response covers all 27,000 km of Western Canada’s coastline, extending to the 200 nautical mile limit.

WCMRC’s mandate is to ensure there is a state of preparedness in place when a marine spill occurs and to mitigate the impacts on British Columbia’s coast. This includes the protection of wildlife, economic and environmental sensitivities, and the safety of both responders and the public.

Bridgemans Marine Transport is a fully integrated marine service provider, equipped with experienced crew and fleet of unique assets servicing the coast of British Columbia. As an official contractor for WCMRC, we look forward to assisting in the protection of wildlife, economic and environmentally sensitive waterways.

Read more about Bridgemans’ Marine Services here.



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