Sassnitz, Rügen, Germany, March 2018 – Bridgemans Services Group (BSG) has entered into an agreement to provide full-service accommodation support for Adwen Offshore’s Wikinger project.

Having undergone an extensive refurbishment, Bridgemans’ 142-metre MV Bluefort will go into service in March 2018 to accommodate workers at the project site 35km off the coast of German island of Rügen.

“Bridgemans is excited for the opportunity to work with Adwen as we continue to show the versatility and efficiency of the MV Bluefort while offering an enhanced service deliverable to the market.” said BSG President, Brian Grange.

The recently refit MV Bluefort is one of the most efficient and versatile floatel solutions available in today’s marketplace able to accommodate over 200 persons. Featuring rapid occupant scalability, exceptional fuel efficiency and high-capacity storage facilities, the Bluefort can provide extended periods of up to 5 months of uninterrupted service to provide premium level accommodations, hotel and catering services at any inshore or offshore location.

The refit, completed in 2016, included the renovation of all cabins, lounge, dining and common areas, along with upgrades to all mechanical, navigational, IT and operating systems, including enhanced Internet and TV service. The vessel has also been equipped with CTV boat landing and helicopter pad for crew transfers. The vessel will be based in Europe for charters upcoming.