MV Bluefort

The 142 metre MV Bluefort, having recently completed an extensive refurbishment, is one of the most modern, efficient and versatile Floatel solutions available in today’s marketplace. Featuring 210 single cabins, rapid occupant scalability, exceptional fuel efficiency and high-capacity storage facilities, the Bluefort has the capability to provide extended periods of uninterrupted service to provide premium level accommodations, hotel and catering services at any inshore or offshore location.

The refit, completed in 2016, included the renovation of all cabins, lounge, dining and common areas, along with upgrades to all mechanical, navigational, IT and operating systems, including enhanced Internet and TV service. Substantial stability upgrades ensure that all safety compliance regulations have been met for operations in the North Atlantic and Baltic Sea regions.

The MV Bluefort is equipped with a CTV boat landing, helicopter pad, large dry-storage and covered deck space for containers, walk-in freezers, a fitness centre, medical treatment and hospital facilities, management offices, meeting rooms and a 200-seat briefing theatre.

Pax: up to 250
Length: 141.70M
Draft: 5.75M
Tonnage: 17,914
Beam: 27.80M
Depth: 13.05M to uppermost deck

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