Tallinn, Estonia, April 2016 – Bridgemans Services Group LP is pleased to announce that the 142-metre Bridgemans Bluefort is in the final stages of an extensive 10-month process to refit and repurpose the vessel to provide premium level accommodations, hotel and catering services at windfarm job sites in Northwestern Europe and other projects throughout the world.

Scheduled for completion and inspection June 1, the Bluefort will be one of the largest, most fuel-efficient and versatile Floatel solutions in the global marketplace. The combination of fuel efficiency, rapid scalability of occupancy, and high-capacity storage of fuel, food and supplies will enable the former Baltic Sea ferry to provide long periods of uninterrupted service for up to 350 workers at offshore projects or 400 workers alongside, and offer unprecedented value and operational efficiency to clients.

All construction and engineering work, which includes the complete refit of 208 cabins, each complete with private washroom; redesigned lounge and dining areas; state-of-the-art satellite communications and TV services, and all mechanical, navigational and operational systems has been undertaken by Bridgemans’ staff in Tallin, Estonia, where the vessel is berthed and available for immediate commission. Substantial stability upgrades have also been completed to meet safety compliance regulations for operations in severe wave conditions in the North Atlantic and Baltic Sea regions.

“Our goal was to create a unique Floatel solution that offers extraordinary value to clients in comparison to other vessels in the marketplace,” said Brian Grange, President of Bridgemans Services Group LP. “When we are done we will offer a solution that rivals a new build in terms of reliability and comfort, offers scalable capacity from 50 to 350 occupants, and is incredibly efficient and cost-effective to operate.”

Additional features include a 12,000 pound capacity helicopter pad, large dry storage and covered deck space for containers, supplies and equipment, walk-in freezers for cold-food storage, and a boat landing platform to enable safe and efficient transfer of crews.

Catering, maintenance and hotel services for the Bluefort will be provided by Bridgemans Remote Catering Services International (BRCSI), a subsidiary company with almost 30 years of experience delivering premium-level food and hotel services to remote locations.