Bridgemans Kitamaat JV Strategic Partnership

Project Type: Marine Services
Project Location: Kitimat, BC Canada
Date: June 25, 2019

October 2018 to present


After forming a joint venture with the Haisla Nation to launch Bridgemans Marine Transport in Kitimat, B.C., Bridgemans entered a new stage in its evolution by introducing a small-vessel fleet component – six, fully-outfitted vessels between 9m and 21m in length with various applications and work-scope suitability. Alongside responsibilities for offering the highest standards in service and flexibility to clients; a partnership with the Haisla Nation supported the broader goal of delivering new investment and employment opportunities to the Kitimat community.


A reconfigured business model and scope of work was quick to stimulate a flurry of activity for bringing crew, management, and marine assets to full-operational status. Maintaining a fleet of transportation, survey and workboat vessels under the banner of LNG Canada proved no simple task. As a project that boasts the highest safety standards of any LNG site to date, the first hurdle involved a complete reassessment of Bridgemans’ safety procedures and organizational structure. Bridgemans responded by introducing its own Safety Management System (SMS) based on IMO standards and verified by third-party audit. The SMS has since grown to embody our commitment for reaching “Goal Zero” on the LNGC project: no serious injuries, no serious incidents.

As momentum has increased on the LNG project, so have crewing requirements. Engagement with Haisla partners has been an essential tool for accommodating growth. A co-sponsored training program with Bridgemans finances maritime certification for local Haisla to help eliminate employment barriers and open the door to long-term opportunities. Bridgemans has extended the program to all crewmembers demonstrating merit – creating the depth and expertise to fuel the project for years to come.