Voisey’s Bay Mine

Project Type: Floatel
Project Location: Voisey's Bay, Canada
Date: October 11, 2019

July to October 2019


On the northeastern coast of Labrador, urgent accommodation and catering relief for a mine expansion was needed. With land camps at maximum capacity, no road access to the site, and the only means of re-provisioning by air or sea, the solution needed to be capable of self sufficiency for the duration of the project, operating in some of the harshest weather conditions in Northern Canada. Bridgemans’ floatel, the MV Bluefort offered an optimal solution due to its speed of mobilization, high capacity storage and rapid scalability to suit any project manning curve.


Having completed upgrades and service maintenance in Germany, the Bluefort arrived in St. John’s, Newfoundland in less than two weeks. While in port the vessel was stocked with all provisions, utilizing the large car deck to store shipping containers full of supplies. After a three day voyage through iceberg fields, Bridgemans’ engineering team developed a mooring plan to position the vessel in a location where a traditional pier was not located. Working with onsite catering and security partners, the Bluefort  is currently providing 200 beds, as well as ensuring that our environmental footprint is negated to zero, ensuring the natural beauty of the area is not disturbed.