Kitimat, BC, Canada, January 2020 – In December of 2018, Bridgemans Marine Transport LP (BMT) and the Haisla Nation formed a joint venture partnership under Bridgemans Kitamaat Joint Venture. Offering passenger transportation, and marine survey vessels to support contractors working with the projects in Kitimat, BC, Canada.

BMT began working with Boskalis in 2018, providing marine personnel transport, environmental monitoring, marine observation vessels and crew in the Douglas Channel. Upon the arrival of Bridgemans’ Haisla Northwind, a multipurpose workboat, Boskalis enlisted BMT to further support their project work and dredging contract in Kitimat, BC, Canada.

The Haisla Northwind is the first of its kind in Western Canada and is a fully equipped vessel specializing in anchor handling for both deployment and retrieval, crane operations, line handling, towing, and cargo stowage. From dredging support, platform supply duties, port operations, or marine construction projects, the Haisla Northwind plays an invaluable role in marine services.

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