Kitimat, BC, Canada, June 2019 – The newest addition to the Bridgemans fleet, a 22m multi-purpose workboat, reached its destination in Kitimat, BC, Canada. This EuroCarrier is the first of its kind in Western Canada and will offer a range of capabilities and services that will compliment marine works in the Douglas Channel. All components have been specifically tailored to meet client needs, whether it is crane off-loading/on-loading of cargo, push/pull operations, anchor handling, transfers on the water or survey works, the Haisla Northwind is up for the challenge.

True to its name, the Haisla Northwind brings a breath of fresh air for crew members and the many contributors who have made it a reality. As expressed by Chief Councilor Crystal Smith, a general optimism for the future of Kitimat and its youth is palpable: “We are excited to see the Haisla Northwind arrive in Kitimat, and make it’s new home in our traditional territory. The caliber, and capability, of this vessel, is exactly what LNG Canada and other industrial project proponents will require while operating in the Douglas Channel.

Our joint venture partnership with Bridgemans continues to grow and expand on the water. Last month we had twelve Haisla members fully employed, making up more than fifty percent of all local staffing. These employment, and career opportunities are the future of our youth. You can see the change in the mindset of the younger generation, because now they know they have opportunities available for them right here at home”.

Brian Grange, President of Bridgemans Services Group, offers his remarks on this positive trend with the fleet’s new addition: “We continue to provide opportunities to Haisla members and other coastal first nations to become skilled mariners through training and mentorship. We are committed to bringing in new, and safe, purpose-built vessels which will ensure best in class services and robust training platforms. We could not be more proud of our partnership with the Haisla Nation which dates back to 2015 in the Douglas Channel”.

A core part of the Bridgemans’ mission continues to be a socially-responsible and community-conscious effort to link the success of the Company with that of its employees. To date, 55% of all working hours have been provided by our First Nations crew members, with Haisla alone accounting for 41%. Along with the experience on vessels, is a comprehensive program for training and certification, targeted for both new and advanced mariners. A new vessel not only allows Bridgemans to expand operations, but raises up an entire group of mariners to fill the ranks.