Richmond, BC, Canada, November 2021 – Bridgemans Services Group a global leader in remote accommodation and marine transport solutions, announces the retirement of its MV Bluefort. The 142-meter Bluefort’s remarkable and distinguished record illustrates the reach and range of Bridgemans’ abilities. Acquired by the company in 2016, the Bluefort’s launch was a defining moment in the company’s history.

Formerly a Baltic Sea ferry, Bridgemans purchased the vessel and undertook an extensive 10-month refit process. The project included the refurbishment of 210 private cabins—as well as a comprehensive mechanical overhaul. The result was a fully self-sufficient vessel capable of travel to and accommodation of remote workers in some of the most remote areas of the world. The Bluefort’s suite of amenities included a 200 seat dining room, medical facility, fitness center, a 225-seat auditorium, and ample food storage capacity for extended expeditions.

The Bluefort’s range of ability is evident in the projects that the vessel serviced. From Northern and Eastern Europe, Canada, the Bahamas, Norway and Africa, the Bluefort ranged both sides of the Atlantic, working in both tropical and near-artic climates. Combining safety, technology and comfort, the accommodation vessel made work possible in places that would have been inaccessible without floatel capacity. Read more about MV Bluefort’s past projects here.

After an exemplary career of remarkable service, Bridgemans Services Group announced the retirement of MV Bluefort in October of 2021. The company continues providing floatel, remote accommodation and vessel-based support services for projects around the world.