Bridgemans Kitamaat Joint Venture /Bridgemans Marine Transport completes another successful dredging season for Boskalis

Kitimat, BC, Canada, March 2020 – Bridgemans has completed season two providing a diverse scope of marine services to Boskalis for their Dredging & Disposal Contract in Kitimat, BC, Canada. Within the seven months of operations, BMT provided vessels for survey, environmental projects, and marine personnel transport services.

Bridgemans is honored to have had marine crew acknowledged throughout the season with the NINA award by Boskalis. We are extremely proud of our crew, and their efforts to ensure a safe environment and contributing all workers on the project.  We look forward to continuing our successes and welcoming Boskalis back to Kitimat for season three in September 2020.

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Bridgemans Marine Transport is a joint venture partner with Haisla Nation through Bridgemans Kitamaat Joint Venture. Our partnership was created based on the common goal to add value to the community through job creation, training and by ensuring local partners have sustainable skills to compete today and lead tomorrow.

Bridgemans is the only full-service marine provider equipped with a fleet of unique assets adaptable to any client request. Bridgemans offers support for a multitude of scopes including environmental survey, multiservice vessel support and safe personnel transfers, both vessel to vessel and vessel to shore. All vessels are pre-approved and listed on the LNGC approved vessel list for use on the project.

  • Personnel Transport Vessels: performing an essential service for clients requiring quick, safe and reliable shuttling between land and/or floating assets for their employees and contractors. Vessel occupancy ranges from 12-45 personnel.
  • Multipurpose Workboats: able to perform a range of job scopes including anchor handling, crane operations, towing, field work and transfers of goods.
  • Survey Vessels: a perfect platform for your marine survey and field work contracts. Three sizes of vessels are available with a range of rates to suit your long or short-term requirements.
  • Emergency Standby Vessels: vessels are readily available, cost effective, and based at MK Bay Marina. OFAIII available as part of the service, or client can provide their own personnel.
  • Temporary Docks: along with an extensive supply of engineering resources, Bridgemans holds an exclusive agreement with a modular dock system manufacturer to provide onsite accurate and customized solutions based on your specific requirements.

A proud Haisla Member and Kitamaat local, James Robinson grew up in Kitamaat Village and started his career on fishing vessels when we was 15 years old and has been working on the water ever since. With his knowledge of the area, James has mentored many captains and deckhands helping them gain confidence on the water. James enjoys learning about the different backgrounds of the people he works with and learning more about the world from the comfort of home, “Working at Bridgemans, you get to meet many people from around the world without having to leave your hometown.”

James Robinson has been an integral part of the Bridgemans team for 2 years. After completing his Small Vessel Machinery Operators (SVMO) certification in December 2018 James has taken on the role of Maintenance Supervisor overseeing fleet upkeep and planned maintenance schedules, recently he has decided to work towards furthering his education and begin his studies to acquire his 60T Masters.


They say that if an incident is predictable, it is preventable. Thank you to our Bridgemans team for their continued commitment to workplace safety, you never give safety a day off!

Bridgemans Marine Transport operates to meet diverse client demands with quick response times to changing needs. As an approved sub-contractor operating on the LNGC project we continually improve our HSE approach to exceed client requirements and set industry best practices on the water. Through training, drills, and coaching there is a culture of continuous improvement and a willingness to adopt lessons learned by ourselves and other contractors working on the project.  We utilise an onsite SMS, structured to achieve a voluntary compliance to ISM with a small vessel fleet.

A perfect example of working with the client to improve safety was the integration of Boskalis’ NINA approach to safety which was well received by our crews. Included in that approach is how the crews utilised the ‘YES’ scan in the field ensuring appropriate mitigation in real time to the dynamic environmental conditions faced throughout season two dredging. While still completing over 50,000 safe transfers of personnel during the dredge season in various locations around the Douglas Channel.

We are here to work with you, our HSE team is ready to adapt work plans based on the scope of work required. We look forward to working with you on the water!


Bridgemans’ Haisla Northwind is a 22m, multipurpose workboat which has played an integral role providing support services for Boskalis dredging program in Kitimat, BC. This fully equipped workboat specializes in anchor handling, crane operations, line handling, and towing.


Bridgemans has developed a reputation for delivering quality floating accommodation services to industrial projects globally, on time and on budget. Our team has conducted many refits to deliver on the exact specifications of the client. Bridgemans floatels can be transported, anchored and mobilized in a fraction of the time required to establish a land-based facility. By utilizing state-of-the-art water treatment, sewage treatment and power generation services, they can be operated for indefinite periods at low costs with minimal environmental impact.