Richmond, BC, Canada, April 2020 – Ensure your crew arrive safe and healthy to project aboard Bridgemans’ self-contained MV Bluefort. A competitively priced alternative to air travel, MV Bluefort is currently available for safe, quarantined crew changes for offshore oil platforms and remote location projects. We have implemented additional safety procedures onboard to mitigate any risk to our crew and guests including, Covid-19 pre-screening at boarding and increased sanitizing procedures in all cabins and common areas. Multiple spacious lounge areas and a 200 person dining hall ensure social distancing is easily maintained at all times.

Featuring 200 single cabins with private ensuites, rapid occupant scalability, exceptional fuel efficiency and high-capacity storage facilities. MV Bluefort has the capability to provide extended periods of uninterrupted service to provide premium level accommodations and safe crew transfers at any offshore location.

MV Bluefort is equipped with a CTV boat landing, helicopter pad, hospital, 30,000 SF of covered deck space for containers and ample office space with satellite connectivity throughout. We are able to service any location in the Atlantic within 14 days.

Special features of Bluefort crew change vessel:
– 200 single cabins with private ensuites
– Large social areas and dining room
– Hospital facilities
– Helicopter pad
– CTV transfer

MV Bluefort specs:


For more information contact:
Brian Grange
President, Bridgemans Services Group