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Our planet depends on the sustainability of our oceans and waterways, which also provide our livelihood and serve as home for our team members and clients. Clean Oceans is our comprehensive program that recognizes our responsibility to help preserve the marine environment and establishes a standard of excellence in doing so.

Through Clean Oceans, we are eradicating single-use plastic water bottles from our floatel projects. We utilize WaterLogic to provide onboard UV-filtered water refill stations and supply our floatel residents and team members with reusable water bottles. In fact, our floatel MV Saga, currently in service in the Philippines, has prevented the use of over 800,000 plastic water bottles.

Clean Oceans begins at the earliest stages of our client engagements. We work together to identify ways to protect the ocean and the environment and incorporate them into a project throughout its lifespan.

Environmental Commitment

Sustainable Floatels

✓ Paperless check-in/out process
✓ Web app provided to reduce printed collateral onboard
✓ Environmentally friendly hand wash, body wash and shampoo in each cabin
✓ Elimination of single use toiletries in cabins
✓ Environmentally friendly cleaning and laundry chemicals
✓ Fresh food delivered in reusable crates
✓ Electric machinery used on car deck

Eliminate Single Use Plastics

8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. That’s the equivalent of a garbage truck emptying plastic into the ocean every single minute.

Our goal is to eliminate all single use plastics on our floatels. To help mitigate the use of these plastics, we provide the following alternatives onboard:

✓ Reusable water bottles provided to our residents and team members
✓ Water refill stations
✓ Reusable containers and cooler bags used for take away lunches
✓ Bamboo cutlery provided for grab & go meals

Waste Management Plans

Bridgemans’ comprehensive waste management plans are customized to each project. Taking into account vessel location, local environmental regulations and existing programs. Waste management plans include strategies for the following services:

✓  Food waste reduction programs
✓  Cardboard and plastic recycling programs
✓  Domestic garbage disposal
✓  Reusable food crates replace cardboard boxes for food deliveries
✓  Reusable plastic food containers replace disposable Grab & Go containers
✓  Waste water and sewage treatment

Environmental Footprint

Floatels can be mobilized to projects anywhere in the world. We offer inshore and offshore solutions in the most environmentally sensitive areas in the world.

✓ Quickly mobilized to project site in a fraction of a time of land-based camps
✓ Road construction can be reduced or eliminated
✓ Use of shore power replaces the need for diesel-burning engines
✓ Industrial-sized heat pumps, to heat and cool the vessel
✓ Sewage treatment that includes ultrafiltration, a low intensity UV unit, and shipping offsite to a municipal treatment plant
✓ A waste management process that eliminates waste and recycles as much as possible

Water Purification

Fresh water onboard our floatels is filtered using an Ultraviolet water purification system. UV is one of the most effective forms of water treatment as it destroys the DNA of bacteria before reaching your glass, leaving clean, pure drinking water.

Water in the tank receives powerful doses of UV, breaking down bacteria and leaving behind pure water, 99.999% free of viruses, including COVID-19.

UV is much kinder to the environment compared to alternative purification methods. It uses low amounts of electricity to operate, requires no chemicals such as chlorine disinfection and has no harmful by-products.

Crew Training

Bridgemans conducts environmental awareness training for all team members. We ensure our team is educated in both the client, and local government policies of the regions in which we operate.

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