Woodfibre LNG

Project Type: Floatel
Project Location: Squamish, BC Canada
Date: 2024 (start-up)
Cabins: 652


Woodfibre LNG, designed to be the world’s first net zero LNG facility, faced a number of workforce accommodation requirements that were specific to the local Sea-to-Sky corridor in British Columbia, Canada at the time but are becoming key considerations at more seaside locations around the world. Local communities near Woodfibre are experiencing extremely tight housing and rental markets while provincial and municipal regulators are leaders in environmental protection and social benefits. Therefore, the project’s construction phase required sustainable workforce accommodation that needed to house more than 600 people while providing jobs, skills training and an inclusive workspace.


Woodfibre LNG selected a Bridgemans Floatel, MV Isabelle X, due to its environmental innovations and Bridgemans’ ability to deliver turnkey, live-work offshore accommodation in a timely manner. Bridgemans sourced and refit MV Isabelle with a wide array of innovative technologies including an ultraviolet water purification system, the ability to run on shore hydro power, industrial-sized heat pumps for heating and cooling, and sewage treatment. In addition, Bridgemans designed MV Isabelle X to eliminate waste and recycle as much as possible, provide the Woodfibre workforce with a premium live-work experience, and offer exceptional dining, relaxation and recreation opportunities. MV Isabelle X will be moored near the project worksite, alleviating any need for Woodfibre project workers to buy or rent housing in Squamish. Bridgemans is also providing the Woodfibre LNG project with workforce transfers and construction services through its Marine Services and Marine Construction divisions.