Richmond, BC, Canada, July 2022 –Bridgemans Services Group specializes in the supply and management of workforce floatels and marine services to industrial projects anywhere in the world. Bridgemans has provided fully integrated services to LNG projects, offshore wind farms, industrial construction projects and mining projects around the world.

Supplying and managing workforce floatels for 10 years, Bridgemans specializes in customizing to our clients’ precise needs and locations. Ensuring the full-service, turnkey product meets the exact specifications in 100 days or less.

“We are very pleased about the projects, and diversity of industries we have worked in, bringing a multicultural and equitable team residing around the world.” said Brian Grange, President of Bridgemans Services Group.

Workforce floatels can be transported, anchored and mobilized in a fraction of the time required to establish a land-based camp, requiring minimal time to deploy and maximum flexibility as needs change. By utilizing state-of-the-art water treatment, sewage treatment and power generation services, workforce floatels can be operated for indefinite periods with minimal environmental impact.

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