Ocean Cay, Bahamas, December 2019 – Ocean Cay is a private island in Bahamas owned by MSC Cruises. The Italian company announced its plans to buy a small Bahamian island in the end of 2015. MSC negotiated with Bahamas Government to build an exclusive cruise port in the Caribbean. The deal gave MSC rights to occupy and develop the island as an exclusive cruise destination – officially named “Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve”. The 95 acre island is currently the world’s only private marine reserve.

The USD 200 million development project was initially scheduled for completion in December 2017. However, in September 2016, MSC announced that “in order to ensure quality”, Ocean Cay will be operational and open to cruise ship passengers in October 2018. MSC island’s official opening for cruise shipping was once again delayed (mainly due to adverse weather / Hurricane Dorian) and planned for December 2019.

With the project is entering its final phase with limited housing options, MSC required a temporary housing solution for the influx in workers. The Bluefort’s speed of mobilization, flexible accommodations and ample meeting space made it the ideal solution for the client’s project requirements.

The MV Bluefort, recently completing a contract in St. John’s, Newfoundland departed Canadian waters enroute to the Bahamas. After an eight day voyage through rough seas Bridgemans Bluefort arrived safely and on schedule at Ocean Cay, Bahamas to provide accommodations and catering to MSC’s island project.

Bridgemans has developed a global reputation for our ability to deliver turn key solutions to workforce housing.  No matter what your requirements are, you can expect a fully integrated solution with the highest level of customized services and maximum value for your investment.

Bridgemans’ floatel MV Bluefort will be based in Freeport, Bahamas and will be available for charter during the upcoming months.


About the Bluefort:
The completely refurbished 142 metre MV Bluefort, is one of the most efficient and versatile floatel solutions available in today’s marketplace. Featuring 210 single cabins, rapid occupant scalability, exceptional fuel efficiency and high-capacity storage facilities, the Bluefort has the capability to provide extended periods of uninterrupted service to provide premium level accommodations, hotel and catering services at any inshore or offshore location.

The MV Bluefort is equipped with a CTV boat landing, helicopter pad, large dry-storage and covered deck space for containers, walk-in freezers, a fitness centre, medical treatment and hospital facilities, management offices, meeting rooms and a 200-seat briefing theatre.