Bahamas,  November 2019 – Bridgemans’ well-known floatel, the MV Bluefort, has arrived in the The Bahamas and is currently supporting the cruise ship industry by providing accommodations for workers.

The Bluefort is one of the best values in today’s market.  Ample amenities and services offered to the full extent you would expect in an alongside or offshore accommodation vessel.  With the capability to be self-contained for extended periods of time, and ample storage and office facilities, the Bluefort makes an ideal “mobile command centre” for any project whether construction, industrial or oil and gas. 

Brian Grange, President of Bridgemans Services Group, offers his remarks: “In a situation where we would typically reposition the floatel back to Europe, we made the executive decision to route the vessel to the Bahamas and provide accommodations both alongside or offshore for those needing short term solutions”.

The MV Bluefort will be based in Freeport, Bahamas and will be available for charter during the upcoming months.


About the Bluefort:
The completely refurbished 142 metre MV Bluefort, is one of the most efficient and versatile floatel solutions available in today’s marketplace. Featuring 210 single cabins, rapid occupant scalability, exceptional fuel efficiency and high-capacity storage facilities, the Bluefort has the capability to provide extended periods of uninterrupted service to provide premium level accommodations, hotel and catering services at any inshore or offshore location.

The MV Bluefort is equipped with a CTV boat landing, helicopter pad, large dry-storage and covered deck space for containers, walk-in freezers, a fitness centre, medical treatment and hospital facilities, management offices, meeting rooms and a 200-seat briefing theatre.