Featured Projects


MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

05/01/2017 to 12/01/2017

Bridgemans successfully completed a contract for accommodations and CTV boat landing services for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind in Belgium.

Kitimat Modernization Project

Kitimat Modernization Project

02/2013 to 04/2015

Bridgemans completed a 14 month project in Canada for Rio Tinto Alcan and Bechtel. The project consisted of 600 workers residing on a vessel in Northern Canada throughout the duration of the project.


Europa Refit Project

Bridgemans Services Group announces that it has completed engineering and architectural plans that enable the company to immediately begin a major refit and conversion of Europa, a 650-foot 14-deck former Baltic Sea cruise ferry the company recently acquired, into a luxurious full-service Floatel accommodation vessel that can be quickly deployed to accommodate industrial workforces in any region of the world.

Gorgon LNG Project

Gorgon LNG Project

08/2014 to 12/2015

Bridgemans supplied an accommodation vessel and services for 1,400 workers in NW Australia for one of the largest LNG facilities in the world.